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  • v4.3.11 Changes

    • Fixed a problem where window was considered safe to access, even though there are situations where it isn't (Node.js, workers...)
    • Fixed an error where ++ and -- were considered side-effect free
    • Number(x) now needs both unsafe and and unsafe_math to be compressed into +x because x might be a BigInt
    • keep_fnames now correctly supports regexes when the function is in a variable declaration
  • v4.3.10 Changes

    • Fixed syntax error when repeated semicolons were encountered in classes
    • Fixed invalid output caused by the creation of empty sequences internally
    • Scopes are now updated when scopes are inlined into them
  • v4.3.9 Changes

    • Fixed issue with mangle's keep_fnames option, introduced when adding code to keep variable names of anonymous functions
  • v4.3.8 Changes

    • Typescript typings fix
  • v4.3.7 Changes

    • Parsing of regex options in the CLI (which broke in v4.3.5) was fixed.
    • typescript definition updates
  • v4.3.6 Changes

    ๐Ÿš‘ (crash hotfix)

  • v4.3.5 Changes

    • Fixed an issue with DOS line endings strings separated by \ and a new line.
    • Improved fix for the output size regression related to unused references within the extends section of a class.
    • Variable names of anonymous functions (eg: const x = () => { ... } or var func = function () {...}) are now preserved when keep_fnames is true.
    • Fixed performance degradation introduced for large payloads in v4.2.0
  • v4.3.4 Changes

    • Fixed a regression where the output size was increased when unused classes were referred to in the extends clause of a class.
    • Small typescript typings fixes.
    • Comments with @preserve, @license, @cc_on as well as comments starting with /*! and /**! are now preserved by default.
  • v4.3.3 Changes

    • Fixed a problem where parsing template strings would mix up octal notation and a slash followed by a zero representing a null character.
    • Started accepting the name async in destructuring arguments with default value.
    • Now Terser takes into account side effects inside class extends clauses.
    • Added parens whenever there's a comment between a return statement and the returned value, to prevent issues with ASI.
    • Stopped using raw RegExp objects, since the spec is going to continue to evolve. This ensures Terser is able to process new, unknown RegExp flags and features. This is a breaking change in the AST node AST_RegExp.
  • v4.3.2 Changes

    • Typescript typing fix
    • Ensure that functions can't be inlined, by reduce_vars, into places where they're accessing variables with the same name, but from somewhere else.