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  • v4.0.12 Changes

    June 23, 2015

    ↪ Work around some Babel.js bugs.

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  • v4.0.11 Changes

    June 12, 2015

    ⬆️ Upgraded to JSDOM 5.3.0.

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  • v4.0.10 Changes

    April 29, 2015

    ⬆️ Upgraded to JSDOM 5.2.0 and tough-cookie 1.1.0

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  • v4.0.9 Changes

    April 25, 2015

    ⬆️ Upgraded to JSDOM 5.1.0

    🛠 FIXED assertion errors not propagating out of wait callback

    694 passing (22s) 12 pending

  • v4.0.8 Changes

    April 19, 2015

    ⬆️ Upgraded to JSDOM 5.0.1

    ➕ ADDED expose Browser.Request/Response/Headers

    🔄 CHANGED use regexp instead of startsWith

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  • v4.0.7 Changes

    April 10, 2015

    🔖 Version 4.0 requires io.js, see:

    ➕ ADDED preliminary support for the Fetch API (

    ➕ ADDED you can use the browser.fetch to retrieve any resources, using the 💻 cookies, pipeline and all other browser settings

    ⬆️ CHANGED upgraded to JSDOM 4.1

    🔄 CHANGED use browser.status instead of browser.statusCode (HTML APIs use status and statusText)

    🔄 CHANGED browser.resources is now just an array of all resources requested when 🖨 processing the currently open window. Resources no longer shared by all 🏁 windows, and other features (pipeline configuration, fetch resources) moved elsewhere.

    🔄 CHANGED separated pipeline from resources. Use browser.pipeline.addHandler to ➕ add request/response handler to the browser instance, or Pipeline.addHandler to add handler to all new instances.

    🔄 CHANGED pipeline API changed as well. Request handler called with browser instance and Fetch Request object, can return null or a Fetch Response 💻 object. Response handler called with browser instance, request and response object, should return same or new response object. Handlers no longer using callbacks, if you need asynchronous behavior, return a promise.

    🛠 FIXED empty cookie and referer header no longer sent #881

    🛠 FIXED added navigator.appVersion #885

    ✂ REMOVED document.window, use document.defaultView instead

    ✂ REMOVED browser.close confusing method name, use browser.window.close if you really need to close the window.

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  • v3.1.1 Changes

    March 26, 2015

    🛠 FIXED file URLs not resolving correctly #886 (Jeffrey Jagoda)

  • v3.1.0 Changes

    March 15, 2015

    🚀 3.1 is the first official release of Zombie 3.x. It is a major upgrade from 2.5, and as such has several breaking changes. Please check the list of changes below to learn what has changed.

    ➕ ADDED DOM URL class

    ➕ ADDED XHR events emitted to browser

    ➕ ADDED wait() ends with error if Browser cannot load all resources on the page (e.g. doesn't get to load scripts)

    ➕ ADDED submitting form using an image input will include coordinates #865 (Werner Beroux)

    ✂ REMOVED browser.fork no longer supported

    ✂ REMOVED browser.htmlParser option no longer supported, always using default 📜 browser (parser5)

    ✂ REMOVED Browser.visit(url, options) no longer changes instance options

    ✂ REMOVED resources.mock/fail/delay, use Nock instead

    ✂ REMOVED protocol and bcat, no tests

    ✂ REMOVED Browser.create

    ✂ REMOVED Browser.dns and Browser.ports, switching to different implementation

    🔄 CHANGED Browser.debug -> browser.debug (per instance)

    🔄 CHANGED browser.referer -> browser.referrer

    🔄 CHANGED Browser.default. = deprecated, use Browser. = instead

    🔄 CHANGED timeout event -> setTimeout, interval -> setInterval

    🔄 CHANGED removed onalert/onconfirm/onprompt, use browser.on('alert', fn) etc

    🔄 CHANGED credentials replaced with browser.on('authenticate', fn)

    🔄 CHANGED browser.wait() runs event loop so you can catch done/error events

    🔄 CHANGED event loop done event renamed to idle

    ⬆️ CHANGED upgraded to JSDOM 3.1, added io.js and Node 0.12 support

    🔄 CHANGED all dump() methods now accept output stream or output to stdout

    🔄 CHANGED XHR errors no longer stop the event loop

    ✅ If you are wondering what happened to 3.0, there were 16 test relases of 3.0 🚀 leading up to 3.1. Test releases are tagged as next instead of latest. NPM ✅ defaults to showing and installing latest versions, you have to explicitly instruct it toinstall` next versions.

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  • v2.5.1 Changes

    December 08, 2014

    ➕ ADDED waitForServer to wait for a server-initiated event before running wait method. Accepts the same arguments as wait.

    👍 Currently supports EventSource aka Server-Sent Events.

    🔄 CHANGED load is now asynchronous just like wait. Use a callback or promise before accessing the document.

    703 passing (12s) 8 pending

  • v2.5.0 Changes

    December 01, 2014

    ➕ ADDED support for navigator.mimeTypes

    🔄 CHANGED wait() returns a lazy promise

    Prior to this change, calling wait() without a callback would return a promise, which will resolve by running the event loop for completion, even if you don't provide any callbacks.

    This is not specifically a problem with wait, but with methods that end by calling wait, like clickLink and pressButton.

    After this change, wait() will do nothing, unless you either supply a callback, or use the promise by means of calling then/catch/done on it.

    💻 You can achieve the old behavior by calling browser.wait().done().

    ✂ REMOVED Passing an options object to browser.visit is deprecated and will be ✂ removed soon. Passing an options object to Browser.visit is still supported.

    ⬆️ UPGRADED to JSDOM 1.4.0

    700 passing (12s) 8 pending