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  • quill

    9.3 9.1 L5 JavaScript
    A cross browser rich text editor with an API.
  • CodeMirror

    9.3 9.1 L2 JavaScript
    In-browser code editor.
  • Draft.js

    8.8 8.9 L3 JavaScript
    A React framework for building text editors.
  • medium-editor

    8.7 3.6 L4 JavaScript
    Medium.com WYSIWYG editor clone.

    8.6 9.0 L2 JavaScript
    Handsontable is a JavaScript/HTML5 Spreadsheet Library for Developers
  • Monaco Editor

    8.4 8.3 JavaScript
    A browser based code editor
  • trix

    8.3 8.6 CoffeeScript
    A rich text editor for everyday writing. By Basecamp.
  • slate

    7.9 9.4 JavaScript
    A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors.
  • TinyMCE

    7.4 9.3 L4 JavaScript
    The JavaScript Rich Text editor.
  • TOAST UI Editor

    7.2 8.5 JavaScript
    GFM Markdown Wysiwyg Editor - Productive and Extensible
  • SimpleMDE

    6.9 0.0 JavaScript
    A simple, beautiful, and embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor. Delightful editing for beginners and experts alike. Features built-in autosaving and spell checking.
  • GoJS, a JavaScript Library for HTML Diagrams

    6.1 7.3 HTML
    JavaScript diagramming library for interactive flowcharts, org charts, design tools, planning tools, visual languages.
  • EpicEditor

    6.0 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    An embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor with split fullscreen editing, live previewing, automatic draft saving, offline support, and more.
  • Squire

    5.5 6.5 L2 JavaScript
    HTML5 rich text editor.
  • ContentTools

    5.4 5.1 L4 JavaScript
    A JS library for building WYSIWYG editors for HTML content.
  • Froala Editor

    5.0 9.2 HTML
    A beautifully designed WYSIWYG HTML Editor based on HTML5.
  • ApostropheCMS

    4.6 9.5 L5 JavaScript
    CMS with content editing and essential services
  • ckeditor-releases

    2.6 4.4 L2 JavaScript
    The best web text editor for everyone.