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  • Polymer

    9.2 3.1 HTML
    Our original Web Component library.
  • A-Frame

    8.8 8.8 L4 JavaScript
    :a: web framework for building virtual reality experiences.
  • riot

    8.6 7.5 L2 JavaScript
    Simple and elegant component-based UI library
  • ag-Grid

    7.6 10.0 TypeScript
    The best JavaScript Data Table for building Enterprise Applications. Supports React / Angular / Vue / Plain JavaScript.
  • DHTMLX UI Widgets with React

    0.8 1.5 JavaScript
    Using DHX widgets with React
  • Active CSS

    0.7 8.2 JavaScript
    The epic event-driven, front-end only, reactive JavaScript framework with functionality in one-liner CSS. Over 100 incredible CSS commands for DOM manipulation, ajax, reactive variables, single-page application routing, and lots more. Could CSS be the JavaScript framework of the future?
  • @bepasquet/dynamic-form

    0.1 0.0 HTML
    web component