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  • What would we do without PDFs? Technically implementing a PDF generator is surprisingly difficult. But, with this tutorial, we'll show you how you can create your own PDF generator with Node.
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  • Let's explore both the Angular and the React project security postures. This includes secure coding conventions, built-in in secure capabilities, responsible disclosure policies, and dedicated security documentation for the project.
    Article  Added by lirantal // // 3 days ago
  • Learn how to build a Vue.js application from scratch and add authentication.
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  • It is a common practice to start up projects with the Angular CLI or the Create React App tool, but security vulnerabilities exist in the ecosystem modules that we add to build on top of these scaffolds.


    One example is an unfixed XSS affecting
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  • Choosing the right technology for your app project is pivotal to its long-term success. Here is what you need to know about them for your app development.
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  • Automating content creation is a huge advantage of a headless CMS system. Discover how easy it is to import third-party data into ButterCMS.
    Tutorial  Added by derekbutter // // 9 days ago
  • 50 coding challenges (with solutions) for practicing JavaScript.
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  • Solve this coding challenges to practice JavaScript!
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  • Svelte rethinks reactivity and frameworks—but how? This tutorial has the answers. Have a look!
    Article  Added by thefln // // 12 days ago
  • An overview of how background services work in Capacitor, a new-ish runtime for cross-platform development by the Ionic team.
    Tutorial  Added by filipelima18 // // 13 days ago
  • Get more out of your assets by switching to a headless CMS and getting your content served as a microservice.
    Article  Added by derekbutter // // 15 days ago
  • Discover the most appropriate web stack; JAMStack, MEAN or LAMP for your web application needs.
    Article  Added by derekbutter // // 22 days ago
  • The JavaScript substring method returns part of a string that is specified through two parameters: the start character and end character of that string.
    Tutorial  Added by upmostly // // 30 days ago
  • Learn how (and where) to authenticate your user in the different deployment models that exist for Next.js
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  • We all know that tableau is a powerful Data Discovery Application; tableau allows us to use it with a drop and drag User Interface to show any type of Information. It explores many different views and we can explore many databases easily. It does not need any critical scripting. After analysis, we can share a report in a simple way by publishing it on the server. In this blog tableau VS Spotfire, we will see what are all differences are there on both BI Tools.
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  • Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language created by Guido Rossum in 1989. It provides constructs that enable clear programming on both large scale and small scale companies. python. Its high-level built-in data structures combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding makes it attractive for Rapid application development.
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  • Introduction To Python Functions

    In the present quick paced IT world, it is consistently a preferred position to have an edge over the others regarding top to bottom information of a specific innovation. Python is a broadly utilized language and gives 'n' number of changes to excited students. Figuring out how to utilize the capacities in Python in the correct way is outstanding expertise for any Python Developer.
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  • This article provides a quick comparison between ASP.NET vs PHP for your next web development project. Check what is better for enterprise programs or php?
    Article  Added by janebrewer // // about 2 months ago
  • A flat-file CMS works much like a traditional CMS. It has an interface to edit and manage content along with a front-end templating system. However, it doesn’t need a database.
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  • This tutorial help to understand let variable in es6. The Ecmascript 2015 introduced let Block Scope variables.You can create and access let variable into the function level.
    Article  Added by restapiexample // // about 2 months ago
  • Nowadays, the process comes down to a choice between two of the most popular solutions—Static Site Generators (SSGs) vs. Content Management Systems (CMSs).
    Article  Added by derekbutter // // about 2 months ago
  • This JavaScript tutorial help to understand async-await concept.The asynchronous function help to run tasks or process parallel without any callback hell.
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  • Why did serverless functions become an integral part of modern web development? This post goes through the basics and the best use cases. Bonus: a live serverless app demo!
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  • We will first send an SMS with Node.js and the old SMS API (Nexmo’s first API) and then rewrite that code to use the new Messages API to send the same SMS. We’ll then build a Webhook that can receive SMS messages using express. We’ll focus in this article on sending and receiving SMS messages.
    Tutorial  Added by AlexLakatos // // about 2 months ago